Build a Basic Wardrobe Challenge – Weeks One & Two #GYPOStyleMe

Happy December, Apronistas!! I can’t believe it’s not quite winter yet — temps have dropped and it sure FEELS wintery at time.  Change in the weather means a change in wardrobe – that means sweater weather to me.  =)

So, I am not a fashion blogger, not by any means. I like aprons, cooking, crafting, reading — and have pretty much no fashion sense. Plus, I’m what you’d call “Fluffy” — no hourglass shape here, I am a true apple-shaped momma with long legs, and find it difficult to find clothing that fits. So, I’ve always just settled. If I found something in my size (or near enough) and at a decent price, that’s what I bought. As a result, I have a closet and dresser stuffed full of unattractive, ill-fitting clothing and yet I have “nothing to wear.”

There is one thing I’m good at, though, and that’s following directions. Imagine my delight when I found out about a challenge where I am sent a shopping list and then daily emails for styling options. Here’s a quick look at my interpretation of some of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) assignments for the first two weeks (with modifications due to working in an office full time):

Day 4 – Neutral Sweater + Long Necklace + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Riding Boots

The only thing I actually wore today with my version of a neutral sweater. But I really like this outfit! That’s my first time wearing the plaid shirt and I really like it with the statement necklace.

Day 8 – Neutral Sweater + Bootcut Jeans + Leopard Flats

Since today with an unpaid furlough day at work, I wore jeans even though I was at the office half day.  I followed the recommended OOTD exactly and added the bright plaid scarf.  LOVE THIS LOOK.  And my new bootcut jeans are of a good length and so comfortable.  I really like this outfit.

Day 11 – Chambray + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Leopard Belt + Riding Boots

This day fell on Thanksgiving. Illness had descended upon the household and we were not able to travel for family dinner as anticipated. I added a cozy sweater to the assignment and it was a great feeling outfit.

Day 12 – Cardigan+ Striped Top + Bootcut Jeans + Black Boots

Here is my Black Friday shopping outfit. I added the bright floral scarf so my daughter could still pick me out in a crowd. This is another one with the comfy jeans, along with my first striped long sleeve t=shirt. The striped t-shirt was a controversial piece this challenge, since the old adage is not horizontal stripes, but these thin stripes are actually fairly flattering.

I find that I am looking forward to 4pm every day, when the daily assignment hits my smart phone.

But the best part about this challenge — my attitude about myself. One day earlier this week, I didn’t follow the assignment and wore some closet items that didn’t fit properly and weren’t exceptional attractive. You know what, I am worth more. WHY do I wear pants that are too short and, frankly, ugly? Just because they fit in the waist is NOT a good enough reason. I like feeling pulled together. I’ve found that there IS clothing out there that fits AND is attractive AND affordable. My new realization is so liberating! I cannot wait to start my closet purge!!

I’m kinda sad there’s only one week left. That said, I do feel like I have a good handle on the Basic Wardrobe and I can’t wait for the next challenge, Winter/Holiday 2014! There’s still time to join in, friend, if you want to try along with me! If you click the image below, that includes a referral link so Alison will know I sent you – thank you!

Winter/Holiday Style Challenge Banner
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Scarf and Ornament Swap OPEN {Swap}

I am super-duper-over-the-top excited for today’s post — it’s SWAP time!!  One of the coolest bloggers in blogland, Aleisha from Britches & Boots, is teaming up with me and we are co-hosting THE event of the season – our first ever Scarf and Ornament Swap!

I love-adore Christmas and I love-adore making new friends in a swap.  The excitement, the possibilities, the “happy mail” – what’s not to love?!?  I’ve hosted dozens of swaps over the past five years and this is going to be one of the easiest.  Simple is the name of the game — one partner, one perfect scarf and one special ornament.  Sign ups close 11/30 or when we’ve hit 100 participants, whichever comes first, and boxes are to be mailed by 12/5 – NO LATER so we’ve plenty of time to enjoy our goodies this season.

Sound fun??  Then scroll down and sign up right now!  Leave a comment about your favorite scarf or ornament so we know you’re IN.  Then, pop over to your favorite social media sites and follow Aleisha and me.  We’ll be posting some fun during the swap that you don’t want to miss out on!

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