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  1. Punkie Pie says:

    Hi,I would love to be added to your "Where to buy Aprons" list. I make retro & vintage style aprons. You can visit my shop at http://punkiepies.etsy.com.


  2. Louise Hill says:

    I love your site and would like to be listed on your “Where to Buy Aprons” list. My aprons are nostalgia-inspired using retro prints and vintage patterns. I am also currently developing a green line using organic materials and recycled fabrics, which will be posted on my site shortly. I also offer other one-of-a-kind domestic linens (napkins, tea-towels, kerchiefs, etc.). http://www.lizalocket.com

  3. deliciously chic says:

    This is a fantastic blog. I really love many of the aprons found via the “Where to buy Aprons” list and would really appreciate it if you added deliciously chic to the list. All of our aprons are reversible and incorporate Amy Butler prints. We only manufacture our signature line right here in the USA. Please take a look at our site. http://deliciouslychic.com/

  4. Melanie says:

    Hello! I would also love to be added to your Where to Buy Aprons list, too! Thanks so much :)


  5. Kate Sargent says:

    Hi Deanna! Still interested in doing a give away with you in the spring around mothers day. Also wanted to know if my site can be added to the “where to buy aprons” list.


    Thank you!

  6. Amelia says:

    Can you add my website to your list? That would be great.


  7. Kitty says:

    this etsy shop should be included here on this section!:

    beautiful aprons, indeed!

  8. BelleSerelle says:

    Hello – How can I get listed on your “Where to buy Aprons” list? I would love to have my site listed: http://www.belleserelle.com

    Thank you!!

  9. Girly Aprons.com says:

    Hi it’s me here’s my link too http://www.girlyaprons.com

  10. BLONDEDESIGN says:

    Hi I would love to be on this list I also sell on Etsy blondedesigns.etsy.com

  11. Kate Sargent says:

    Thanks Deanna! You rock momma!

  12. Crumb Designs says:

    Hi there!

    I would love to be added to your list!

    My website is:



  13. Leslie says:

    I would really appreciate being added to your list. My store is called Sugar Pie Chic. The web address is:


  14. NONE says:

    We’ve got some pretty hip aprons at The Hip Hostess!
    Would love to be included~

  15. M and E says:

    Like everyone else who has commented, I'd love to be added to the list of apron sellers. I sell cute little handmade children's aprons.


  16. Carrie says:

    Could I be added to your "Where to buy aprons" list? My mom and I make aprons and sell them on etsy!


    Handmade By Fasiska!

  17. ONLINE says:

    Wholesale lot of Aprons

    Batten lace with hand embroidery aprons
    Item No.: 6043Unit: PcsCOLOR:White/WhiteSIZE:34×25"Material:Cotton 100%


  18. Sharon Wagner says:

    I just found your web site and love it! I have a shop on Etsy and would like to be added to your "Where to buy Aprons" list.
    I make retro and vintage look aprons. You can visit my shop at


  19. Laurie says:

    I have recently been bitten by the apron bug, and cannot stop making aprons! I would love to be included in your list of places to buy aprons. My website is http://www.lauriesgifts.biz

  20. Apron of the Month Club says:

    You're invited to "Apron of the Month Club".

    I adore your blog. It is very inspirational. I am from deep south Texas, so the aprons I make have a Latin & Texas flavor. I would love to be added as one of your "Apronistas".

    Yoli Kalkofen

  21. bmischler says:

    COuld I be included in the where to buy? Thanks! http://www.taygaaprons.com

  22. janet says:

    Like all my friends above..I would love to be included in the 'Where to Buy' list. I was featured in 'Apronololgy' debut issue this Feb and sell on Etsy.


    thanks for a great blog!
    your friend,

  23. Sarah says:

    I, along with many other apron makers would like to be added to your "Where to buy Aprons" page. Thank you.

  24. BelleSerelle says:

    I also sell matching adult & children's aprons. visit http://www.belleserelle.com for more information

  25. The Hip Hostess says:

    Hi there Apronista!

    I would be so flattered to be in the company of all the lovely ladies on your "Where to buy aprons" list.
    You can find all our hip little aprons at


    Thanks so much!

  26. scarlet threads says:

    Hello! Like so many friends above, we too have an apron boutique: http://www.scarletthreads.org

    Scarlet Threads is a fair-trade project designed to empower women in rural Asia! Take a look, they are custom designed and hand made and BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks so much and I hope we make the cut on the "where to buy" list!

  27. Lynns Designer Aprons says:

    Hello Apronista

    Would like to be on your "where to Buy" apron list. Been sewing and selling aprons for 4 years, have etsy site, and now on You Tube ! I specialize in making old fashioned aprons from the past for women today…with new and vintage fabrics..Like Granny would wear or you sassy aunt would wear.
    http://www.YouTube type in Lynns Designer Aprons
    God bless all!!

  28. janet says:

    Great blog!!! Would love to be a part of your apron frenzy ;-)


    I've sold my couture aprons all around the world and was featured in APRON*OLOGY magazine
    Keep up the good work of spreading the Apron Gospel !

  29. Miss Apron says:

    G'Day Apronista!

    I am an Australian Apron maker and would be so happy to be on your "Where to buy aprons" list.

    You can find all our Aussie made aprons at

    Miss Apron