Happy St. Nick Day

Did St. Nick visit your house last night? He did here! We left out our shoes with our Christmas list inside; this morning, lists are whisked away and candy/little treats were left instead. Here are a few web images:

Our family learned of this tradition when living in Germany while Mike was in the Army.  Once explained to us, it makes perfect sense — how else does Santa know what to bring unless he picks up lists early in the month??  (Plus it prevents those secret letters to Santa with unknown requests. Just saying.) Our kids liked it, too — who doesn’t like getting a few presents early in the month?

It may not be too late … maybe you if you set out your shoe with a list inside, you might find a goodie tomorrow morning.  Or switches if you were naughty this year …although I hear the old fella is forgiving and kind, so I doubt ANY apronistas would find sticks in their pumps!


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