Menu Monday #3

Okay, I guess it’s Monday again!  They come so… weekly.  I will get this down to a science and post on Sundays one day.  In the meantime, let me share what our plan is sketching out to be.  (And, yeah, finally got to go to the grocery store so it’s not just freezer frenzy and pantry pickins!)

Monday – Beef Curry with Rice Noodles
Tuesday – Chili and Corn Muffins (youth group/bible study tonight)
Wednesday – Nacho night
Thursday – T’s birthday sleepover so pizza for the girls (No school tomorrow)
Friday – Sweet and Sour Pork Stirfry
Saturday – Crockpot Beef Stroganoff
Sunday – Meatloaf with Potato Crust

Does any else use  A friend at work shared this app with me, so I’ve been experimenting.  While we aren’t using it to its full potential, I do like having a spot to save my recipe ideas that isn’t tied to a particular computer/software.  And, I can generate a shopping list, plus the entire family shares one password.    When I can’t think about WHAT to plan for dinner, I scroll through our family favorites and I’m good to go.   And, it’s FREE!

What are YOU having for dinner this? Link up below to your menu post (feel free to add our badge, too). I’m also linking up at:


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