Woodwork Miracle

OK, I am SO excited because a cool tip I found on Pinterest actually worked — and worked like a miracle!!

The Apronista household has been moving for weeks and weeks (local moves can take SO much longer). We have pets, including one huge dog – Apollo the Great Dane/Mastiff mix – plus Ollie and Chong the two tabby cats, and a regular puggle visitor Sadie. These darling pets have claws and, unfortunately, used them a lot on our woodwork. My hubby and I were ready to give up – the front door and the trim going downstairs were the worst (cats run through the bars, dogs chase them). Here’s the horrible before:

I mixed together 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 cup of water vinegar, used a clean rag, and wiped. Look at this:

Amazing. I’m so happy – and relieved. I went through the whole house and treated doorways, window sills, and baseboards. The owners had dogs, too, and the woodwork was generally in bad shape. The kitchen cabinets were old and neglected so dry and peeling – this concoction worked there, too. The whole house looks 1000% better. And my husband is truly amazed. Crossing fingers were get our deposit back! =)

Once more:

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